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Yes, You CAN!

  • Protect your wealth
  • Have a steady stream of income
  • Enjoy that "mailbox money"
  • Stay diversified
  • Participate in the market gains
  • Protect against the market downs
  • Have increasing income
  • Utilize our Social Security planning methods
  • NOT run out of money
  • Stay in control - Be in the driver's seat
  • Supplement rising healthcare costs
  • Get that "cost of living adjustment"
  • Pass a legacy on to your family
  • Enjoy your retirement

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Thinking about retirement lately?

  • Worried you might not have enough saved?
  • Worried about another "2008" when the stock market crashed?
  • Worried about millennials flooding the job market?
  • Not sure if you have enough to retire?
  • Not sure if you're already retired and you just don't know it yet?
  • Do you fully understand how to best utilize social security?
  • Not sure how to make your money last for the rest of your life?
  • Worried about taxes increasing?
  • Concerned about rising healthcare costs?
  • Hoping you can retire on your terms?
  • Overwhelmed by the many choices and strategies?
  • Not sure which one is best for your specific needs, desires?


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Retirement can be enjoyable - it should be

Everybody has thought of retirement at some point. You've worked hard your whole life and you've saved what you could. You now have this nest egg and you need it to last for the rest of your life. People are living longer, healthcare costs are rising, taxes could rise, there's inflation and 30 years ago someone told you about the old 4% rule. The 4% rule is the premise that if you withdraw no more than 4% of the balance of your portfolio each year your assets will last for your lifetime. Many economists feel that the 4% rule is no longer realistic after the 2008 crash. Some people could see the "retirement finish line" but after 2008 they were forced to work longer.  

We offer solutions that Protect our clients whether you are looking for solutions for your employees or for yourself. We can offer a better retirement package that fits the needs of today to offer your most valued assets, Your Employees. 

At WDA we take special consideration of our clients needs and desires. We will create a personal "Retirement Scorecard" and present you with the solutions and an implementation plan based on our expert analysis.


How do I get my free Retirement Scorecard?


Simply schedule an appointment for your free consultation. We'll ask you several questions. Then we'll gather as a team to discuss and put your personal scorecard together. Finally, we'll call you for a second meeting to discuss our findings.

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Protect your wealth

Protect your wealth from volatility with solutions designed to protect your principle while allowing for market related accumulation.

Tax-Free Retirement

How nice would it be to have retirement money coming your way - TAX Free?

Solutions for Businesses

We have the corporate retirement benefits your employees want. 

Solutions for individuals

Access your free retirement scorecard. See what your future outlook shows.

Sounds exciting, doesn't it?

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Ready to get Started

Give us a call, schedule an introduction via an in-person or virtual meeting.
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