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Employee Benefits

There are a variety of employee benefits a company can offer their employee's. WDA can help assist in explaining the variety of options. We get deeply involved with customer service issues and assign each of our accounts a dedicated account manager.

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More choices and more products with WDA! Fully insured, level-funded, self-funded, Captives, PEOs and more.

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Choose from a variety of carriers and networks. Purchase a fully insured dental or self-funded dental plan.

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           There are a wide variety of vision plans and                                                       carriers in the market.                                                                                                                                          

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Voluntary benefits

Voluntary Benefit offerings have never been easier to offer using our online enrollment platform. WDA can list a variety of carriers and plans allowing your employees to pick and choose what is best for them.

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Life & Disability

         One of the benefits a company who wants to                      attract and retain should not neglect to offer.                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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Through the purchasing power of a PEO you have the ability to be part of a national group of employers to offer a wide variety of benefits at a potential lower cost than if you bought directly.

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Group retirement plans we have assisted clients with over the years are Simple IRAs, 401ks and 403bs.

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Health Reimbursement Arrangements, Health Savings Accounts and Flexible Spending Accounts are all products we have designed and sold hundreds of times. WDA has close to 400 groups with HRAs & HSAs.

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WDA will take care of all your COBRA processing via one of our trusted TPAs for free.

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Looking for a Benefit's Management Or HRIS System?

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Customer Service

Our customer service is second to none and will not only support your HR/Management team but will also help your employees.

Most common services we provide:

  • Claims Resolution
  • Billing Issues
  •  Enrollments and Terminations 
  • Onboarding Assistance 
Carrier Logos

Carrier Partners

With over 30 different carrier partners, we have a solution for every company. Whether you are looking for Health, Dental, Vision or voluntary insurance we have multiple carrier's available to you. We always quote all the carriers that are available to you, to insure you see every option available to make an informed decision.  


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WDA has the technology to help you manage your benefits in the modern world. From on-boarding to benefits management and health care consumption audits, we have the necessary tech to drive better outcomes. With a variety of partners we can insure that you have the right platform for your company.

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Unbiased Opinion

It never hurts to get a second opinion. At WDA we always look at your unique needs and make recommendations specifically for your company. We have many relationships with several carriers and based on what you need and what we think you should do, WDA can guide you to what will work best.

Why we're the best option

Great source of information, always willing to take the time to educate me and my colleagues. Thank you for your vast offering of services, knowledge and information.

Phyllis, Benefits Manager

WD is great at keeping us up to date with constant industry changes.

We are highly satisfied!

Glen, Engineering Firm

My dealings with Bill, Terry and WDA have always been positive. We get great value from our relationship with WDA. Keep up the good work!

Erica, Dunkin Donuts Franchise Owner