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safety for individuals

There are two basics here: You've worked your whole life and want to protect what you've built/accumulated. Or, you want to plan NOW for your future retirement. We can help with both. 


Areas of Specialization


401k Rollovers
IRA Rollovers
Life Insurance
Create a Tax-Free Retirement
Fixed Indexed Annuities
Buy-Sell Agreements
Social Security Planning
Long Term Care Insurance

Unique Features

Below are some unique services to WD Wealth Advisors that might interest you!

Tax Free Retirement

There is more than one way to create a Tax-Free Retirement.

IRA/401k Rollovers

Time to protect a part of your old IRA or old 401k with one of our safe & secure rollover solutions. Protect yourself from market volatility.

Buy-Sell Agreements

If you're in a business partnership, a buy-sell agreement should be carefully considered.

Retirement Scorecard

Our advisors will put together a personal "retirement scorecard" for you. You'll know what's working well and what needs improvement.

Free Consultations

Our advisors offer free consultations for prospective new clients. They'll even put together your personal "retirement scorecard." 

Life Insurance

There are many reasons to buy life insurance. Some life insurance solutions can start you on your path to living a tax-free retirement.

 Your WD Wealth Advisors Team


Bill Delmage
President | CEO | Founder
Ben Delmage
Director of Sales and Marketing


Could your HR department use extra support?

WD offers a wealth of time-saving HR tools, guides, and educational resources: print-ready employee flyers featuring health, safety and wellness topics, legislative information and communication as well as other HR administration tools.

Below is a sampling of the resources WDA clients gain access to.

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Our goal at WDA is to listen and solve your problems. We have a staff second to none; very talented and dedicated people who share our common theme to help solve your problems. They are very passionate and empathetic to your needs. I encourage and welcome you to chat with one of our terrific WDA team members! I'm confident that the team and solutions available to you here at WDA will leave you feeling as confident in them as I do. 
William Delmage
- President | CEO | Founder - WD & Associates, Inc.
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What clients say ?


My dealings with Bill, Terry and WDA have always been positive. We get great value from our relationship with WDA.

Keep up the good work!

- Owner- Dunkin Donuts Franchise


WD & Associates is great at keeping us up to date with constant industry changes.

We are highly satisfied.

- President- Engineering Firm


I can’t think of anything WD could do better. Staff is knowledgeable, responds promptly and is always patient and courteous. They offer a wide variety of services and are up to date on the newest trends.

Many years of wonderful service!

- Controller- Fitness Company


Questions and concerns are always answered in a very timely manner. We are always given enough information to make knowledgeable decisions.



Great source of information, always willing to take the time to educate me and my colleagues. Thank you for your vast offering of services, knowledge and information.

-Benefits Manager-Travel Company


The whole experience is excellent. Open Enrollment was the best I’ve ever experienced and I can’t believe how easy it was. From the ease of enrollment to the power of everything in one place. We could not be more satisfied!




I really appreciate the depth of your product knowledge. Your thoughtful comments, suggestions and insights as we reviewed or insurance renewal were invaluable. We are so thankful for the choices and the care we received because of our plan. 



Questions and concerns are always answered in a very timely manner. We are always given enough information to make knowledgeable decisions.



Very prompt on answering questions. Customer service has always been outstanding!

John Deo
- Founder - Okler


Great source of information, always respond in a timely manner, willing to take the time to educate me as well as my staff, vast offering of services, knowledge and information.



Bill’s guidance has been a key factor in how we approach deciding on our healthcare benefits and managing costs. He has been able to steer us in the right direction amid the chaotic nature of health insurance.



We are extremely happy with our relationship with WD and appreciate the patience and courteous service we receive from all the staff.


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