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Yes, You CAN Have:

  • Executive coaching
  • Team training
  • Team development
  • Improve management
  • Performance appraisals
  • On-Site Training
  • On-Site programs
  • Organizational development consulting

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Thinking of Organizational Development?

  • How Effective are your people leaders?
  • Are your employees as engaged as you would like?
  • What is their emotional intelligence?
  • Are they effective at running a team?
  • Is your team a well-oiled machine?
  • Do you have a clear vision for your people leaders?


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Leadership Development

When was the last time a broker spoke to you about Leadership Development?

At WDA our goal is to help you with your business. Leadership development is something largely overlooked as a key component to your future success. People are largely promoted on merit. Then, they get thrust into leading a team where often times they don't have the necessary skill set to lead a team. They become overly critical of the person who assumed their old role and not as critical on the other roles. They don't understand various learning styles, therefore, they can't communicate to everyone on their team in a way everyone understands. This leads to an under performing team, disengaged, unmotivated employees, and possibly unnecessary turnover. 

The good news: 

We offer leadership development consulting. Our leadership development consultants are eager to learn about your needs and help propel you to your eventual success. Throughout RI, up to Boston, down to NY, your needs and desires aren't too far for us to help.


What can WDA do to help my business in the Leadership Development area?


We have organizational development consultants ready to learn about your business. They'll conduct a thorough needs analysis and provide the solutions and necessary steps for implementation.


Unique programs

Our team has been called upon for several projects. Whether it's short or long term we can accommodate your needs.

Tools for management

We can train your people leaders and give them the tools they need to manage their direct reports and team.

On-site training

On-Site training is always very effective. Our specialists will go where you need them to be.

Leadership Coaching

It all starts with leadership. If you understand how your team learns and listens, you will ultimately help everyone to excel and succeed.

Sounds exciting, doesn't it?

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Ready to get Started

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