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Cool rocket blasting off for employee benefits

A key component to attracting and retaining talent. With new technology, we put you at the controls to build and customize your healthplan's co-pays and deductibles.

Gold medal number one for employer of choice

Has your broker built a customized improvement plan for your business? WDA has developed a 4-Step process that helps your business become an Employer of Choice! Think of it as your own custom Blueprint to Improvement.

chess piece, rook with hand moving it for risk management

It's not just about P&C insurance. Creating an Organizational Safety Net Program is one of the main pillars in the WDA Strategic Alignment Plan helping you become an Employer of Choice.

balance weights of law for legal compliance

With our in-house legal counsel and regular compliance newsletters we increase your ability to stay compliant with Federal and State guidelines and employments laws such as FMLA, ACA, ADA, FLSA, ERISA, etc.  We can also help you to produce a comprehensive and compliant handbook for your employees.

For most, HR departments aren't growing, they're stagnant or shrinking. We bring the HR solutions to your business to relieve the pressure of too many tasks falling on too few.

Light Bulb as in bright idea for HRIS Systems

HRIS is an integral solution to help you streamline and organize your HR tasks and employee records. Outgrown your HRIS? Ever had one?

Few dollar bills one behind the other for retirement

We have unique solutions to manage your corporate retirement plan and guide your employees when they retire. We have solutions for those companies stuggling with a frozen pension.

hand holding a floating coin with $ symbol representing payroll

Payroll systems can be complex but with the proper solution it can keep you organized and save time in your HR department. We have several payroll solutions available for demo to meet various business needs.

computer with a chart on the screen for electronic enrollment

Electronic enrollment can enhance your open enrollment experience. Link your enrollment directly to the carriers. Feed the info to your payroll and HRIS. Several electronic enrollment solutions available to meet the needs of every business.

leader with tear drops falling on 3 others head for leadership development

Has your broker ever broached Leadership Development? Unlikely. Having a good Leadership Development team and program in place can propel your team's growth to more sales and better communication.

businessman flexing his muscles for corporate culture

Having a great corporate culture keeps your employees enthusiastic, engaged, and ready to excel. If you feel your corporate culture doesn't meet your expectations, we have solutions. Time to be the envy of your competition!

big shield for life insurance and protection

Life insurance can be used to accomplish many things.  For example it can be used to fund buy-sell agreements, key-man insurance, to protect your family and business and to fund a tax-free retirement.  Ask us how.

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Could your HR department use extra support?

WDA offers a wealth of time-saving HR tools, guides, and educational resources: print-ready employee flyers featuring health, safety and wellness topics, legislative information and communication as well as other HR administration tools.

Below is a sampling of the types of resources WDA clients gain access to.


What clients say ?


I can’t think of anything WD could do better. Staff is knowledgeable, responds promptly and is always patient and courteous. They offer a wide variety of services and are up to date on the newest trends.

Many years of wonderful service!

- Controller- Fitness Company


WD is great at keeping us up to date with constant industry changes.

We are highly satisfied!

- President- Engineering Firm


My dealings with Bill, Terry and WDA have always been positive. We get great value from our relationship with WDA. Keep up the good work!

- Owner- Dunkin Donuts Franchise


Questions and concerns are always answered in a very timely manner. We are always given enough information to make knowledgeable decisions.



Great source of information, always willing to take the time to educate me and my colleagues. Thank you for your vast offering of services, knowledge and information.

-Benefits Manager-Travel Company


I really appreciate the depth of your product knowledge. Your thoughtful comments, suggestions and insights as we reviewed our insurance renewal were invaluable. 


frequently asked questions

Why should I talk to you if I'm happy with my current broker?

Many of our clients said they were happy with their other broker. It's always good to have a conversation from a different perspective. Like a doctor, there's no harm in seeking a second opinion. Often with prospective new clients we ask new questions and address areas that they haven’t considered before.

And things change. The market is so fluid right now, maybe it is time to see if a different relationship could be a better fit. In our experience, some are a good fit and some simply aren’t, but we will never have a chance to work together if we don’t have that initial conversation.

Do I have to be in process of renewing my insurance to talk with you?

No. In fact we find that the best time to talk with prospective clients is off cycle, not during renewal time, when you have more time to consider larger strategies of your business and evaluate possible changes. We think it's so important we've written about it!

Check out our blog post on the key to better benefits and this resource about the Full Spectrum of Support you should expect from your benefits broker.

Is our company to big / too small for WDA?

We work with clients from a broad range of sizes across many industries. There is no best client size. The best clients are the ones that we can make a meaningful and lasting impact on. We are more concerned about your needs and whether our solutions can help you or your business.

Additionally, we do extensive work with individuals on other personal needs including life insurance, property and auto insurance, retirement planning, etc... We assume anyone is a potential client. Let’s talk about your situation and see if it makes sense to work together.  

My people don't like change. How can you help me overcome their indifference and engage them with our programs?

Employee engagement must start with education. When people know what they have and how to use it, they are more apt to take a chance on something new. This kind of education should be part of a robust year round communication campaign.

We have extensive libraries of content that we can use to create a customized communication portfolio based on your needs and timing. We believe that when you are transparent with your employees and show them not only how to use the products but WHY you selected them, they will be more open to using new programs.

Do you work like most traditional brokers?

No way Jose! The old traditional model of brokering is unfortunaly all too common among brokers, and provides no vaule to Employers in todays business environment.

What Industries do you serve?

We specialize in several industries. CLICK HERE for a list of our most frequently served industries.

Square Bill
Our goal at WDA is listen and solve your problems. We have a great staff here, full of very talented people who all share this dedication to our clients. They are all very passionate and very personable. I encourage and welcome you to chat with one of our terrific WDA team members! I'm confident that the team and solutions available to you here at WDA will leave you feeling as confident in them as I do. 
William Delmage
- President | CEO | Founder - WD & Associates, Inc.
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We, at WD & Associates, have a passion for charitable giving. We hope to inspire others to give as well.

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Some of our favorite charities and causes

Over many years, we have supported various schools, non-profits and other charitable organizations that help our local and regional community. Too many to list.

A short story: Several years ago Tammie Delmage learned through Foster Forward that many of their children would go to school with no backpack and no supplies. Since then, every year, for several years, Tammie  has donated hundreds of brand new backpacks to Foster Forward. She spends all year slowly buying school supplies like pens, pencils, notebooks, rulers, anything you can imagine a child would need to start the school year. By the end each backpack weighs around 10lbs, but more importantly every child that walks through the doors at Foster Forward has what they need . 


We hope you find a cause near and dear to your heart.

What we do

We find solutions that help our clients become Employers of Choice and establish an Organizational Safety Net
Our solutions are as unique as our clients because it's not about us, it's about YOU! Our 4-Step Process is designed to dig deep into your story.
We want to understand your needs, your challenges, your aspirations for your business. Only then can we determine if one or more of our solutions can bring lasting impact to your business.
Who, What, Where
 -Established in 1992 by William Delmage
-Headquartered in East Providence, RI with offices in Newport and Hoboken, NJ.
-One of New England's premier, award winning, health care consulting firms.
-5 specialty divisions
-Offering a New Category of Advisor
Benefits | P&C | Retirement | HR | Insurance
WDA and its family of companies remains a local, privately held company.

Executive Team

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William Delmage

President | CEO | Founder
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Joanne Audette

Chief Operating Officer | General Counsel
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Tammie Delmage

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Terry Merritt

Business Manager
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