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It's NOT about us, its about YOU. It's about your story, your needs, your aspirations for your business. Our 4-Step Process is designed to dig deeper into your needs and your business. It's only then, that we can determine if WDA can help you with one of our many solutions and bring a lasting impact to your business.  

We are not traditional brokers who simply place insurance. We're here to educate and help you with your business needs! We're here to help create Employers of Choice!

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It's not about our story. It's about YOURS. Our Job, first and foremost, is to listen and learn more about you, your business and your employees. Success is only achieved once we understand each other, and how we can best serve and help you.


Education is vitally important. With all the legislative changes over the last decade, it's difficult to stay on top of every change. We understand you want and need the strategic partner that can educate you on all the latest regulations.


We take the "protection" aspect of our duties very seriously. With all of the regulations put in place by the State and Federal Governments, new or old, violations could lead to heavy fines. Thankfully you can rely on us to make sure you have all your ducks in a row to help you to avoid hefty penalties.

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A message from Bill

       Our goal at WDA is listen and solve your problems. We have a staff second to none. A  very talented and dedicated staff who share our common theme to help solve your problems. They are very passionate and empathetic to your needs, so I am going to encourage & welcome you to chat with one of our terrific WDA team members! I'm confident that the team and solutions available to you here at WDA will leave you feeling as confident in them as I do. Enjoy.
William Delmage
- President | CEO | Founder - WD & Associates, Inc.
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Bill Delmage
President | CEO | Founder
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