Are you Covered? written on the road.. are you covered with life insurance.

Yes, You CAN!

  • Live a Tax-Free retirement
  • Generate Tax-Free income
  • Buy Indexed Universal Life
  • Buy Term Insurance
  • Buy Whole Life
  • Buy Key-Person Life
  • Purchase that Buy-Sell Agreement
  • Protect your family
  • Protect your business

Thinking of purchasing Life Insurance recently?

  • Would you like tax free income during retirement?
  • Do you hate the idea of spending a lot on insurance just for the death benefit?
  • Tired of the endless sales pitches on term insurance & whole life?
  • Do you think whole life grows too slowly?
  • Do you want value for your expensive life policy?
  • Do you need to protect your business for the future?
  • Do you feel your'e playing defense, offense or both?


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A different way to utilize life insurance...For YOU!

There are a number of applications for life insurance beyond the death benefit. While you might have heard a pitch for individual policies they can come into play as a business strategy if, for instance, you are looking to protect your Key People or to fund a Buy-sell agreement.

We have even recently seen companies consider life insurance products with a cash payout option as a way to create a private pension for top earners and owners.

Of course there is also group life insurance which can enrich your benefits package whether offered as a core or voluntary benefit. 

The conversation around uses for life insurance is broad. We should explore details well beyond the basics of term vs whole life products. Our experienced team can pinpoint the specific applications and most suitable products for you, your employees and/or your business.


We at WDA have those solutions! We have solutions that can create a tax-free retirement for you.They are not the typical whole life insurance products you've seen before.


Why do most life insurance agents typically only offer term and whole life?


Those agents are typically employed by a large insurance companies that in some cases limit them to selling only that company's products. We work with several life insurance companies to design insurance solutions designed that meet different needs. 


Buy-Sell Agreements

A must for any business partnership.

Key Person

Protect your business and your key personnel with key person insurance.

Tax Free Retirement

Did you know there are solutions and products that can benefit you with tax free income?

Individual Protection


Sounds exciting, doesn't it?

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