We understand that there is an abundant amount of information and resources available on the COVID-19 Coronavirus. With a constant influx of new information from the Federal and State Governments along with new guidance from the Insurance Carriers it is a lot for anyone to process. We are getting an abundance of emails with new information and guidance multiple times a day. Rather than flood your inbox with new information as it comes in, we thought it would be easiest if we created a Coronavirus portal on our website HERE for people to visit when they have a need or desire.

There is a host of information and resources available pertaining to the new laws just passed, guidance, resources for employers and employees along with links to the carriers’ own portals as well. As new information comes in we will update and add to the portal, so please check back often.

We hope you find the resources we made available to you valuable.

Click Here to Visit the WDA Coronavirus Portal
DOWNLOAD your free employee guide to fmail medical leave act (FMLA).

Our Employee Guide to FMLA is yours free now, just click to download. It has a wealth of information that you can use now!

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