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Now more than ever employers should be turning to their trusted benefits advisor for guidance and demanding a full spectrum of support from them in multiple areas including: Compliance, Benefits Administration, Communication, Insurance Guidance, Human Resources and Organizational Development. 




32% of business plans audited by the DOL received fines of over $10,000
89% of employees expect decision making tools during open enrollment
54% of employees say selecting a health plan is more complicated than solving a Rubik's cube
34% of employees were aware of any wellness plan offered by employers
$1,500 per year is the extra health costs you can expect to pay for an inactive employee


You deserve a true consultant "with a level of insatiable curiosity focused on uncovering what may be holding your organization back from reaching new heights." I highly recommend you read this article from one of our partners. It will help you further evaluate what you want from your broker relationship moving forward.


We strive to be a partner moving our clients forward. Did you know that our expertise includes a full range of solutions from benefits and HR to technology to risk management and beyond. Check out our 10 Great Reasons to Choose WD.


We are curious about your specific needs. What problems are you facing right now? Send us a whopper -- we like to solve puzzles!

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