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Group Health Insurance

Most companies think their group health plan choices are limited. However, there are many types of group health plans we offer! Some you know, some you may not know. WDA is here to help you navigate the field, help explain and educate you to pick what's best for you and your employees.

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Fully Insured

The most common type of health insurance a company purchases. No medical underwriting required. The four major carriers are Blue Cross, UnitedHealthcare, Cigna and Aetna.
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Very common for large businesses but increasingly popular among small business. WDA will help you choose a network, contract with a TPA and Stop-Loss carrier which will give you more control over outcomes with Self-Insurance.
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Self-Insurance for small businesses. It will look and feel like a fully insured health plan. Companies have the opportunities to earn cash back at year end for unused claims.

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Buy health insurance through a pool of other companies for an opportunity to buy insurance at lower prices. When the pool runs well, you win and can get a refund.

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Combine Benefits, Workers Comp. and Payroll all in one. A PEO is another pool to join but with the added benefits of combining these items for discounts and easy administration. We have 13 PEOs to quote.

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Referenced Based Pricing

Referenced Based Pricing - go anywhere, see anybody, no network restrictions. These carriers will fight to lower your high claims and not overpay for something you shouldn't. 

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Paying too much for health care? How do you know?

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Trusted Carrier Partners

Our team has a wide variety of insurance carriers and markets to go out and obtain quotes on. Fully insured, self-funded, PEOs or Captives, we can help determine which type of health insurance vehicle will be best for your company.
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Strategic 3-5 Year Planning

Most businesses have a 3-5 year business plan, but very few businesses have a long term plan for their health insurance. Health insurance is often one of the top overhead expenses for a business and should have a long term plan. At WDA we listen to what your goals are, offer suggestions, and build you a custom 3-5 year benefits plan. After we build your plan, our team will work with you to help accomplish your specific goals along the way.

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Health Care Audits

Do you think you pay too much for health care?

How do you know?

Use WDA to run a health care consumption audit for your business to see exactly what your group should be paying in premium. We'll give you a risk score and use the data to prove you are overpaying, underpaying or paying the right amount of premium.

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WDA has an abundance of resources to help your business and employees succeed:

  • In-Person and Virtual Enrollment Meetings
  • Digital and Printed Enrollment Guides
  • Checklists
  • Videos
  • Educational Materials
  • Best Practices
  • Industry Specific Guides
  • Scorecards

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Why we're the best option

I can’t think of anything WD could do better. Staff is knowledgeable, responds promptly and is always patient and courteous. They offer a wide variety of services and are up to date on the newest trends.

Many years of wonderful service!

Jo-Ann, Controller -Fitness Company

WD is great at keeping us up to date with constant industry changes.

We are highly satisfied!

Glen, President, Engineering Firm

My dealings with Bill, Terry and WDA have always been positive. We get great value from our relationship with WDA. Keep up the good work!

Erica, Dunkin Donuts Franchise Owner

WD & Associates helped with a customized offering- more than what I expected. I didn't look at competitors because I knew WD & Associates was the right broker right off the bat.

John, Owner - Skyline Group

Great source of information, always willing to take the time to educate me and my colleagues. Thank you for your vast offering of services, knowledge and information.

Phyllis, Benefits Manager

I really appreciate the depth of your product knowledge. Your thoughtful comments, suggestions and insights as we reviewed our insurance renewal were invaluable.