Strategies Designed Specifically for Educators

 With traditionally rich benefits it's become increasingly more difficult for schools to keep their benefits package at an affordable level while maintaining the rich program they desire.

We have cost effective, proven programs that have been designed specifically for Schools that IMPROVE BENEFITS and save on premium.

We do this by implementing a 5 year strategic plan that will show you a what a new benefits program will look like in 5 years with projected savings, increases and improvements. Your benefits planning never got easier.


We Know Schools.

Pupils raising their hands during class at the elementary school

Over the years we have gained a great deal of experience consulting for a number of schools and understand what's needed to be successful. Below is a list of the type of schools we are currently helping:

  • Charter Schools.
  • Religious Schools.
  • Private Schools.
  • Lower Schools.
  • Middle Schools.
  • High Schools.
  • Vocational Schools.
  • Multi Location.
  • College Prep. 
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