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What We Do

 We find solutions that help our clients become Employers of Choice and establish an Organizational Safety Net


Ours solutions are as unique as our clients because it's not about us, it's about YOU! Our 4-Step Process is designed to dig deep into your story.


We want to understand your needs, your challenges, your aspirations for your business. Only then can we determine if one or more of our solutions can bring lasting impact to your business.



Who, What, Where


 -Established in 1992 by William Delmage

-Headquartered in East Providence, RI with offices in Newport and Hoboken, NJ.

-One of New England's premier, award winning, health care consulting firms.

-5 specialty divisions


WDA and its family of companies remains a local, privately held company.


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Executive Team

Bill Delmage

President, CEO


Terry Merrit

Vice President of Benefits


Tammie Delmage



Joanne Audette, Esq.

In-house Legal Counsel


Resource Center

Could your HR department use extra support?

WD offers a wealth of time-saving HR tools, guides, and educational resources: print-ready employee flyers featuring health, safety and wellness topics, legislative information and communication and other HR administration tools.

Below is just a sampling of the types of resources WD clients gain access to.




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Corporate Office

34 Hemingway Drive

East Providence, RI 02915

Phone 401-435-4239

Fax 401-435-5060


Additional Offices

Newport, RI

North Kingstown, RI

Hoboken, NJ